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Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (F&B)

Course Overview

Designed for food & beverage (F&B) businesses by PSB Academy and subsidised by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), this course helps to build up practical knowledge and skills on digital marketing.

It covers everything from essential knowledge on digital consumer journey, marketing funnel, marketing analytics to hands-on knowledge for real digital marketing campaigns on Facebook/Instagram/Google platforms.

Organisations can receive a one-time S$500 bonus after completing one digital marketing campaign and completing the course*.

*Organisations need to submit one Facebook/Instagram/Google ad copy, campaign performance report and invoice within 31 days from the course completion. Each organisation can only claim this bonus once.

  • Understand the key concepts of digital marketing strategy and customer analysis, and
  • Appreciate and apply relevant digital marketing techniques and tools for food service businesses, and
  • Learn and employ brand campaigns on digital & social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Display/YouTube for brand campaigns, and
  • Understand and apply email & landing pages techniques to drive businesses, and
  • Learn and apply relevant Google Analytics techniques such as tracking referral sources, improving web design and identifying visitor preferences.


  • 3 Days (22.5 hours) of training, and
  • 1 Hour 1-to-1 consultation post-training

Learning Mode:

For the safety of our students, all lessons are now delivered fully online. Students may benefit from the same quality of education delivered through online learning. Original delivery modes such as face-to-face learning will resume when we may safely do so. Speak to us for more details!
Before attending these courses, it is recommended for students to have:
  • Familiarity in basic computer and internet usage
  • Basic understanding of digital marketing and e-commerce terms 
No prior courses or certifications are required for students to take
this course.

From 18 September to 31 December 2020, eligible organisations can receive funding support under the F&B Digital Marketing Assistance Scheme by Enterprise Singapore and PSB Academy.


Original Course Fee Payable (Per employee): S$1,712.00


Enterprise Singapore Subsidised Course Fee Payable (Per employee): S$272.001


PSB Academy will provide full reimbursement for full amount of Enterprise Singapore subsidised course fees (as indicated above) that companies paid for; upon 100% attendance of the course by their employees1.


1 For more information on the eligibility criteria, please go to this link.

You will receive the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from PSB Academy upon successful completion of the course.

Day 1

Why Digital Marketing

  • Building Marketing Objectives
  • The Marketing Funnel
  • Defining Marketing Performance
  • Understand Types of Digital Marketing Channels
  • Understand Marketing Analytics - Facebook Business Manager & Google Analytics
  • Why Good User Experience (UX) Matters
  • Difference Between New & Returning Customers
  • Discussion & Theory Exercise: Digital Consumer Journey
  • Practical Exercise: Introduction to Paint. Net & Shutterstock

Web Analytics

  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Platform Principles
  • Discussion & Practical Exercise: Google Analytics
  • Optional Practical Exercise: Google Analytics

Day 2
Art Of Email Marketing & Landing Page

  • Contact Management & Segments
  • Automation & Reports
  • What Makes A Good Landing Page &
    Email Design (Mobile Responsive)
  • Practical Exercise: Email Design & Landing Page - Benchmark Email

Social Media Marketing - Facebook/Instagram

  • Facebook/Instagram Brand Best Practices
  • Introduction to Facebook/Instagram Pages
  • Practical Exercise: Your First Facebook Account & Ads Manager

Day 3
Social Media Marketing - Facebook/Instagram

  • Facebook Terminology & Facebook Pixel
  • Campaign Best Practices & Structure (Campaign, Ad Sets & Ads)
  • Creative Best Practices & Ad Specs
  • Practical Exercise: Starting Your First Facebook/Instagram Ad
  • Practical Exercise: Making Your First A/B Testing Ads
  • Social Media Monitoring and Responding Strategies
  • Social Media Crisis and Reputation Management
  • Discussion & Theory Exercise: How To Handle Complaints

Display Marketing - Google Display Network

  • Google Display Advertising Overview
  • Set Up Display Campaigns
  • Display Ad Formats & Sizes (Responsive, HTML5, GIF)
  • Reaching your Audience on Display (Affinity, Custom & GeoTarget)
  • Measuring & Optimising Display Campaigns
  • Practical Exercise: Starting Your First Google Display/Gmail Ad

Day 4

  • Practice & Mentor (1 Hour Per Participant)
    • Share & Discuss Results With Instructor
    • Ways To Optimise Campaigns
    • Refresh Knowledge On Specific Lessons